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The Founder’s Favorites poster templates are large format images of unique items, situations or settings that portray distinguishing aspects of specific experiences that are important to the founder of Vitalimage, Inc. and creator of this website. We thought it may be o.k. for him to offer a little self expression here.

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The kids and I baked nearly 13,000 chocolate chip cookies from scratch over three years and sold them from the counter top at a bustling pizzeria in Eagle, Pennsylvania (3 cookies per bag for $2). Truthfully, they tasted very good and represented an exceptional value. The operation, named myvitalcookie, donated all of its proceeds, about $4,000, to local charities. Even though our children quit occasionally (the cookie dough always lured them back), this adventure was really about teaching the importance of doing something you weren’t required to, learning how to create wealth (relatively speaking) and the importance of giving to others. Thanks Joe!

Each summer our family volunteered behind the scenes at the St. Barnabas lawn fete, a week long jubilee of rides, games, food and entertainment. We spread mulch, shuttled boxes of stuffed animals, groceries and pizza to stands on the grounds, and whatever else was necessary so the carnival opened on time each day. The life lesson was the experience of actually showing up and contributing time and effort alongside others to benefit a community (of course, the free soda and beef jerky behind the beer tent until midnight was awesome too). Memories of family togetherness are stories for future generations. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I was absolutely amazed as I watched our two oldest children scale directly to the top of the rock climbing wall the very first time they tried (they were 5 and 8). Praying the ropes would hold, I distinctly recall wanting to capture this awesome image of them perched atop the wall looking down and smiling at me. I wanted so badly to share this “You’re not going to believe this!” proud parenting moment with all of their grandparents. Although I did not have a camera on hand, the experience motivated me to start Vitalimage, Inc. and create this website.

It is a bittersweet feeling I get in the morning watching the school bus pull away while waving good bye to her through the windows smudged with finger prints. We are very proud parents and want her to embrace the school experience and continue to evolve, yet our youngest is growing up so fast. But late in the afternoon, with the lights blinking and the door flops opens at our corner, she runs down the steps, smiles and jumps right into my arms – for just a bit, that’s when time stops.

For a few years while in elementary school I came home every morning just as the sun began to rise after delivering the Buffalo Courier Express. Then, it was not easy to get up and bike many miles in the dark (on ice too!) while everyone else slept. I vividly recall the look and smell of black ink on my fingers as I lifted the chocolate cream filled doughnut to my mouth I bought from Mr. Doughnut at the end of the route. Later, I realized it was my experience of delivering those papers and watching the sun rise nearly 1,000 times that shaped my initial understanding of what differentiation actually means. I say, get up early and do things.

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