At users upload pictures onto a large format template to create a custom poster that's printed on an easily re-positional fabric. The poster is shipped to the customer by USPS Priority Mail.

Fundraiser poster sample 1

36"X10" Actual Size

We now offer an exciting Fundraiser Program for leagues, teams, clubs and groups to earn generous proceeds from the sales of custom posters created at

Fundraiser poster sample 2

36"X10" Actual Size

The Fundraiser Program is safe, easy and environmentally responsible. Highlights include:

  • Easy – No operating expense, no inventory to manage, and no handling of the product
  • Quick – Account set up & sales solicitations are via Internet for immediate launch
  • Green – Sales are 100% email driven – No meetings, forms, driving, or checks
  • Variety – The Buyer selects from nearly 80 poster templates (Seasons, Holidays, Sports and more)
  • Transparent – Proceeds generated by the Fundraiser Program are deposited to your account

Please contact us and we will send you information on how your league, team, club or group can get started using this unique Fundraiser Program today. Have a nice day, and Smile!

Thank you,

Vitalimage, Inc